The Malaysian Mobile E-Commerce

The Malaysian Mobile E- Commerce

A change in the way trading has been done digitally in the Malaysian market has seemingly been rising exponentially for only short period of time. Ecommerce Malaysia itself was already on its way to be the leading trading option over more traditional ways but the shift that has been seen has something to do within the means of commerce in the digital market.

For the most desktop users had been the most dominant demographic for the general purpose of trade in Malaysia. However in the last few years, mobile commerce has become a powerhouse and dominant option, accessible to everyone who need to buy and sell their products. With 17 millions active mobile internet users, 16 of which are active on social media, the road to mobile commerce seems clear. In 2017, 47% of all online shopping is done on the phone and its combined contribution the Asia-Pacific totalling to 52 % which beats the total global average of 44%. Many aspects have been considered as to why the mobile scene has dominated the scene and many first look to the app section for any answers. For the most part, many of the leading shopping apps that have popular on both apple and android are the Malaysia made ones which are Lazada, Shopee and Mudah with Shopee in particular being the second most downloaded on the apple play store and the 12 most downloaded in the android play store. This also becomes part of the reason why the market has gone mobile with the popularisation of online banking over traditional credit and debit card.

With the added security that mobile users have and the control laid out in order to spend their money, mobile commerce gains its profits substantially, with E-commerce service provider IPAY88 stating that they have record of 3.5 million mobile-online type payments a month.

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