Tips To Write For SEO

Doing your first job for a SEO agency? Wondering how content writers for agencies like Wellington SEO agency write the way they do? What makes their writing so different from the average article that gains no attention? Well first and foremost SEO writing is not the same as just your average rant on social media neither is it the same with articles that are written about celebrities. Content written must be SEO-friendly and draw in the user. However this is not a easy thing to do hence this article hopes to bring light upon this predicament. Here are 3 tips to make your article more SEO worthy.

Better your content- Content is most frequently known as the most important thing for anything that is written. No one is about to read a long essay on nonsense. It is a waste of time for both the business and the customer. Search engines will definitely prefer good content to be at the top of the search list results so if you want to be there you better ensure your content is top-notch. Tips to achieve this is to write about something that you are passionate about as well as it still being relevant to the keyword you are trying to fit in. Another tip is to check, check and check again. Look out for spelling, grammar and useless information.

Headlines- People often forget about headlines choosing to focus more on their content. Yes content is important but so are other things as well. When an organic search is done, search engines will notice your headlines. A good rule of thumb to make sure to put a phrase that summarises your content into your headline. 70 characters is a good amount to put in your headline.

Links- As keywords are important as they are normally the most stressed thing, search engines look for more than just keywords when deciding which website to put first in their search result list. They also look for the amount of links on your website. These links can be used as reference to statistics that you have quoted or even to elaborate your point.

All in all, there are many tips online available to help you in your SEO writing if you look carefully. For more information please refer to Wellington SEO agency as they will gladly accommodate your inquiries.